04 December 2006

The Jedi-Council, Anakin, the Church, and a Wookie

So, holding true to my word, it's a sci-fi post! Not sure if I should be proud of that or not, but I mine as well start at the bottom and work my way up. haha.

I was thinking (sparked by a email conversation at work) about how the Jedi Council and Anakin Skywalker, relate to the church. It's silly and scary and religious folk will think I've turned to the darkside, but it's too late for me anyway.

So, the Jedi Council seeks to bring peace the galaxy. They are selfless and only live their lives in service to others and the way of the force. They work together, support each other, and recognize each others gifts. They are humble, wise, and communicate thoughtfully. They are not perfect, but understand that as a whole they are greater than a bunch of individuals. There is not one leader, but a Council that works thru the issues at hand. They strive to bring harmony to all living things.

Anakin, is power hungry, self seeking, pridefull, and amazingly talented. He's desire is to do good, but he keeps getting in the way of himself. He makes decisions based on fear and he is horrified at loosing what he has. He wears two masks (no pun intended); one that is the learing padawan and the other is the passionate self-righteous man who will protect his own no matter the cost. He hates working with others and desires recognition of his gifts and talents.

So, with the understanding that there is a bit of Jedi Council and Anakin in all of us, which is more like the church - or more specifically - the church leaders of today? Yes I'm making extreme generalities here on a fictional belief system, but isn't there something in us that begs the question, "Which one am I?"

The answer is a bit un-nerving when looking at the Western Church today and I know for myself, I need to look in the proverbial mirror often to make sure I am not heading down the path to the darkside.

So here's a question that's probably as loaded as a Wookie's crossbow (There Nick, I included a Wookie!), but which philisophical system works more like the Jedi Council and which one works more like Anakin? Post-modern and modern? Which would you choose? For the sake of conversation, doesn't the modernistic system invite the Anakins, whereas post-modernity is more condusive to post-modern thought?

May the force be with you~!


paul said...

lol, jedi council, young skywalker, the church...awesome!

I think to me the answer is both - most of us are pretty self centred, selfish, know what's best kinda folks - ok maybe that's me, so i'd love the jedi council as it would let me speak but then no doubt i'd want to be like good old mace, some jedi seem more equal than others, lol. On the council there would be more to blame if something went wrong and more chance to slack...

then again i like the whole idea of group leadership when it works, especially when it involves a common aim that we are united on - like keeping peace in the galaxy :)

Then again I know plenty of modern churches who have a 1 member 1 vote and are such a mare that you'd wish there was an anakin or an emperor to run this shebang - makes the imperial senate look like an effective bunch of politicians :).

I think as post moderns we might be more suspicious of the 'leader' model but then again if they are a good leader we probably won't mind that much - by good i mean they work hard on comms, they are honest, accountable, set themselves down with the people and stop us from putting them up on our own pedestals - in other words imperfect people like us.

Let's face it the chancellor did a pretty good job of manipulating the senate for yrs so sometimes councils are not best...

then again nicea was a great example of a council of the one church in commune with itself that produced some awesome doctrinal statements that are still used today...

hmmm forget the force, no wonder we need the holy spirit...

Makeesha said...

I KNEW paul was going to say that! Both. hehe.

I responded in a separate post because my comment was getting too long hehe

paul said...

i've also noticed how often I used the phrase "then again..." :)

on the both front I am just a helpless disciple of the via media force :)

but then again, maybe I'm not ;)

paul said...

ps your wife can use the force to see the future... ooooh jedi council material for sure :)

but then she stole your post for her own site... hmm dark side tendancies at work...

bother I'm back to both again, lol

David said...

Then again, very perceptive you are.
Gift of discernment you have.
Strong it is.
A jedi you shall be.

paul said...

Very wise, your words are. Like to join your revolution and see how many times I can use both and then again in a blog post, would I! All the hard work for me, fortuantly this yoda speach generator does. Size that is important after all but access to a good search engine showing that it is not.

Surely, quote the jedi proverb to me, you will: The size of the light saber but the way it is waved that counts it is not. Or over compensating was darth maul really, hmm? Yeesssssss.

David said...


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