18 January 2007

Was Last Night Communitas?

Wow, that's a question that could be loaded.

Last night we had some great wonderful nearly perfect friends over (and you know who you are!) and we watched ALL 6 episodes of "One Punk Under God" which you can read about here:
So, after 2hrs and 52min of three hours worth of the show (in six parts) our cable went out! 8 friggin minutes to go (out of 180!) and it blipped out.

We stared and waited and waited and then our freinds started to leave and the cable blipped on and we had hope...and waited and waited and you get the picture.

If finally did come on again and we watched the end. My wife and I got to sleep after 1am. But we had a communitas moment when the cable went out. We were tired and desperate to watch the climactic ending. We bonded.

I'm really tired today.
And I've been cussing more.

Is that a bad thing?


paul said...

being tired? or cussing more?

or just a lesson to go to bed earlier and live slightly holier, lol

David said...

Well I went to bed earlier last night and have cussed less today.


Of course it's only 9am.

Paul said...

maybe... just maybe.... :)

Pastor Phil said...

I thought cussing was another emergent thing, so more cussing may be related to deeper holiness - hmmmmm...maybe I shouldn't think on the keyboard.

Michael said...

Communitas..? Absolutely!
A night of Inspiration? Ya better believe it!!
A connection between sleep and cussing? Not at all.
Cussing being a bad thing.... Maybe if you're a second grade teacher.
But if you are a revolutionary, isn't cussing A pre-requisite?? LOL

Danimal said...

I loved the series. I will let you borrow jay bakker's book. It provides some good insight into the series. I got it after i watched the first show.