19 March 2007

I am a Dead Poet...sort of

Funny, I thought of that before I read Robymacs "Dead Pastor" comment.

So it's happened. Revolution is not longer a part of the church we were affiliated with.
Faster than I thought, and better than I had hoped.

This blog is to simply say thank you to the church that got us started and blessed us on the way out the door. I'm sure the details will come out in time, but suffice to say for now, we have agreed, together in blessing to go our separate ways. Both parties know the hand of God in this and anything else would just be gossip and I don't want to go down that road.

So this is a public 'thank you' to a modern, charismatic, evangelical church, that gave us a chance and sincerely hopes we do well as we move forward in our dance with God.

Thank You

I pray blessing on your future.

We will move on, and the Revolution will continue after some exploring and visioning (is that a word?) of what that looks like.


Shalom and stay tuned... :-)


paul said...

dead poet maybe... a gracious gent, most certainly!

Steve Hayes said...

I not sure -- are you saying goodbye to the blog, or is the blog saying goodbye to those who didn't like the Synchroblog?

Anyway, i hope you will continue, as i thougth your last Synchroblog contribution was thoughtful and useful.

David said...

I'll be continuing with this blog and synchroblog. No worries there!

David said...

I'll be continuing with this blog and synchroblog. No worries there!

Rupert Ward said...

David - sounds like big changes, and agree with Paul ... a most gracious response.

Look forward to hearing more of your journey from here ...

Rupert Ward said...

PS ... just been to your website. Love it! Can i be an honorary member overseas?

David said...

Consider yerfelf a member of the Revolution from accross the pond!
We actually want to start a UKRevolution someday. ;-)

Rupert Ward said...

i'm in ... not sure what my church will think, but hey!