09 March 2007

Radio Show Reflection (RSR)

So, upon several requests I'm going to get the radio interview podcasted; stay tuned for that. Upon finishing, it was one of those situations where I had no idea if I represented my faith and Revolution well or not. The consensus seems to be yes, but I wish I would have spent more time talking about the things we are doing or going to do to impact the community and the world, rather than the philosophy of church structure, and modernity.
I fumbled around a bit because the producer, who is Muslim, asked me a few curve balls. He is a very intelligent, resptectful man, and I hope it opens the door for future conversation however!
All in all, since media is not new to me, but 'live' radio is totally new, I guess it went okay.
Soon you can judge for yourself.

Last night I had a revelation - and I like what Peter Rollins says about Revelation -that it's not so much God revealing something new to you, but messing up something old that you used to believe (not his exact words).

-I felt the pain and searching of others who are in pain and searching for God. People trying so hard, and yet not really grasping. It awakened my heart to being missional, not just because it's the heart of God, but because it's the heartcry of those who don't know where to go. I think I learned more from an interfaith radio show than I taught. And maybe that's what was supposed to happen.



paul said...

Cool bro and I'm real glad you learnt from the experience :). Who knows what lil ripples your words will have started not least your respectful fun approach - maybe it was a good thang to not get to sell what you are doing.

I hope it caught people's attention and intrigued people to find out more...

Katie said...

It was fun to listen to it last night! I think you did a really good job, even when the conversation randomly moved to blogging :-) It was a good overview of what Revolution is and what we believe. Hopefully you can go on again and talk even more about what Revolution is doing/will do in the future! I'm sure God will use what you said and was talked about last night to spark something in someone's heart! Great job!

Rupert Ward said...

Sounds great David.

What were the curve balls? And how did you answer?

I often come away from these kinds of conversations wishing i had said something different!

David said...

Yeah, there are some things I wish I should have said differently.
One curve ball was when the producer asked what was wrong with the church that is causing us to do something different.
Of course I could make a list, but I didn't want to bash the church either... so I kind of fumbled my way through post-modernity and the need for change because of changing culture. I also talked a bit how the church needs to get rid of the 'us verses them' mentality.

I think. hehe.
I'll have to post it when I get some time and figure out how to do that.

Rupert Ward said...

Difficult question. The media just loves picking up the differences, when we are wanting to emphasis that we are on the same side, but see some things differently.

Good on you for not being critical of others.