27 April 2007

Jesus is my StayPuff Marshmellow Man??

So I'm listening to some prophetic worship on a website and it's really good stuff. I love prophetic worship for the most part. But as most of you all know, it can get wacky at times and that's when I go to something like Johnny Cash, U2, or some goth indie band to balance things out a bit (or Animaniacs).
So for about 10 minutes, the music was really good. Just spontaneous songs about God's love for us, His healing power in our hearts, etc. It is the heart of God, so in that respect it is prophetic, and I feel like spontaneous worship allows us to connect with God better than a pre-determined practiced pop song most of the time.
In short, I like a wide variety of music.

But I digress.

So I'm listening to this 'prophetic' music and enjoying it when I hear this:

"You surround me, like a marshmellow..."

What the?

I've had visions before, I've felt the presence of God as fire or wind, or the Fathers Arms before. I've sensed Jesus sing over me before. I had a picture of swimming in the middle of the ocean before when God says, "My grace is like the ocean, it's so big you can't see the end of it."

But a marshmellow?

A fracken marshmellow? Big and white and squishy?

I decided to listen to some goth instead.


paul said...

lol, that reminds me of a story a friend told me of a worship conference he went to when in a time of spontaneous worship the leader lauched into 'he'll be coming down the mountain when he comes' which he could kinda see but at the point when verse 2 was launched 'he'll be wearing pink pj's when he comes' he did begin to doubt the prophetic quality :)

sonja said...

LOL ... that brings to mind visions of Ghostbusters ...

or was that the Pilsbury Doughboy?

anyway ... goth was a better choice.

David said...

Maybe the Marshmellow will come around the mountian riding the Pilsbury Doughboy.


Rupert Ward said...

that's brightened up my day!

I think i might have been at the conference that Paul speaks of (or maybe it has happened twice???!?!?!?)

David said...

I really hope that didn't happen twice.

tina said...

That's really funny. Thanks.

Pete Aldin said...

Paul, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. The line about Jesus You're my Marshmallow is probably the most nauseating.

What is going on with us Christians today? It's as if we're trying to imitate our own Simpsons caricatures...