21 May 2007

Communcation and falicious arguments

Just a bit of a caveat from my intended post on communication and language.
Although this fits well.

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work today (as opposed to listening to Goth, which as been my habit as of late) and of course, not much good was one so I flipped it to a local Christian talk radio call in show.

Think... local Hank Hanegraff.

He was arguing against evolution (and for the record, I am a creationist...although I could give a frack if it's young or old earth...or even if you are an evolutionist for that matter - to me, it's a non issue, but I digress...)

This was his argument:

"The reason why evolution doesn't work, is because it's wrong!"

I'm sure all the evolutionists who heard that suddenly re-canted and fell to their knees in the face of such humility and wisdom...

The sad thing is that this guy (who at times has some smart things to say) was educating a caller on how to combat the evolution argument.

Yep... we continue to perpetuate the stereotype that Christians check their brains in at the alter.


Danimal said...

Oh wait, i have never thought of this... its wrong? Really? But how could i have been a theistic-evolutionist all these years. I guess Francsis Collins is way wrong... How have i been so blinded... oh yeah... I haven't been.

sonja said...

hahahahaha ... here's where a decent education would really be of assistance to these people. Or maybe just google "how to argue." Find out what the basics of logic are ... just the basics, mind you. My 10 year old knows better technique than that.

Where does it say that God might not have used evolution to do His creating? Anyone, anyone ... Beuhler?

Michael said...

This bit reminds me that as a Christian it is imparitive to have a labodomy. In addition to a labodomy, I need to revert to being a little boy and arguing with the tactics and intelect of a 5 year old. Thank you Sir for making all of us look like dumb asses!!

paul said...

awesome bro, are you planning on calling in to offer some other reasons :)

David said...

This is basically a circular argument, or a really bad example of begging the question.

Bill: "God must exist."
Jill: "How do you know."
Bill: "Because the Bible says so."
Jill: "Why should I believe the Bible?"
Bill: "Because the Bible was written by God."

We may believe in creation, and that the Bible was written by God, but this is a falicious argument in trying to convince someone else who doesn't see the same point of view.