22 June 2007

My Conundrum

In my converstation with "Fred" I had a revelation of myself and I don't quite have the answer. Although I'm working through it. But in the working through it, I will no doubt offend and confuse people (as the previous post gives evidence too).

How do I, as an emergent leader of a missional post modern church, provoke, ask questions, challenge, confront the short comings of modernity and the modern church in todays world, while still being one who wants to work toward unity in the body of Christ?


sonja said...

Wowsers ... I am now hopelessly confused.

I thought your original theological question, despite the parable, had a lot of merit. And I did some musing on it, because of some events with some friends of mine, about how do we hear from God; how do we walk in His way? Discern Her Will? What does that look like?

Fred said...

Something else to add to the fire; an observation.

It seems that sometimes we're more afraid of offending those who do not profess faith in Jesus than those who do. (e.g. A Christian singer can call the church a whore, but how dare I suggest that a sexual lifestyle is not God's best and *gasp* maybe even sinful)

Should we be as sensitive to feelings, relationships, public perception, and spiritual journey pit stops in Christs body as we tend to be towards the "World."

Are we sensitive even to the point that we 'censor' ourselves because we care about how that person will feel; sensitive to the forum by which our opinions are communicated; and discerning 'heresy' based not on hearsay but within personal relationship with the subject.

David said...

Hi SonjA!
Good post over yonder. I commented. I didn't proof it so I hope it makes sense! :-)

David said...

Hi Fred,
I started commenting to your comment but it got too long.
So I turned it into a post.

A concerned conservative christian said...

I agree Fred. We should question what culture says is orthodox. It is sad that people call the Church a whore and don't even confront the fact that popular Christendom has become a two issue religon. I agree with you Fred, that the gospel is much more than just calling out the plank in others. We need to confront what we hold up as "Christian" and not just wave the flag of political position. We should just be sensative to political sways of the Church but call church and society to a much higher standard of grace and love.

a cooncerned conservative christian said...

the two issue religion being Gays and Abortion. Being that Christ really said nothing much about either.

paul said...

rmy own personal practice is to apply any judgement to myself first and to do so humbly - i often delete all the 'you'/'them. statements and talk about a me/us/our.

I do this as a) i can't really change anyone before i can convince myself to change b) i identify with the body of christ, therefore if there is a problem/issue it is my problem/issue to some degree c) i'm often wrong :)