27 July 2007

Planting a Missional Seed - The Curiosity that Jesus Aroused in Others

Every other week for Revolution we meet at the "Alley Cat" a coffee shop in town usually drawing the eclectic crowd. It's a great place for us to meet, and they (by sheer coincidence - if you believe in coincidences) opened up their downstairs for private gatherings.

We start downstairs, and do some worship, maybe a quick (5 minute) teaching or recap of the previous week, and then we go upstairs to discuss issues of faith, usually tying into the topic we've been covering. This gives us a chance to just be a presence and a light.

Last week, we took a cash offering and when we went upstairs we tipped the barrista's a fairly good amount to say 'thanks' and then gave the rest of the cash to them and told them that everything purchased from people not part of our group is paid for until the money is gone.

We didn't hand out tracks, talk loudly in conversation about the Gospel, or wear Christian T-shirts. We just were.

You know how when we meet new people, there's a wall that all of us put up and it takes time for that wall to start to come down to really get to know each other? It's natural and normal. But sometimes it takes a intentional effort to start to take apart that wall.

Last Sunday, the wall began to fall. Our wall came down by giving. Their wall came down by receiving. The countenance, amazement, and curiosity of the barrista was priceless.

I can't wait to go back and tear that wall down even more. Not to tell them the truth, but love them as the "Truth"

We are becoming a presence, and people are starting to get curious.

That's the start of the Gospel. It's just being there. How many times did Jesus just be - and made people curious?

May the walls fall.


paul said...

you guys are awesome :)

David said...

Thanks Paul.
It's good to have some encouraging words today. :-)