21 August 2007

Keep Our Buts Silent - A Brief Thank You

In spite of levying much criticism upon the modern era church over the past several months, I thought I'd just say thanks to her as well. After all, she's been the church for the past 500 or so years and with all her ups and downs, by the grace of God, she has continued on.
The church is never without criticism even from within herself, and I for one welcome it because we all look through a mirror dimly and we can all learn from each other. That's why I call myself Emerging because I welcome the conversation of varying points of view; as long as it's done with a humble apologetic and an eagerness to learn from others.

So, thank you to the high liturgical church, that has kept the Eucharist the central point of worship. Thank you for standing up for justice when others failed. Thank you for much of the rich tradition that we can all learn from.

Thank you to the evangelical protestant church who has held firmly to the reading of the sacred scripture. Thank you for providing an environment of intellectual study where everyone can learn to read the text...and more importantly allow the text to read us.

And thank you to the Charismatic church who has received the revelation that God is powerful and at work in lives today with miracles beyond our comprehension. Thank you for igniting a worship revolution that creates thin places where heaven meets earth. Thank you for understanding the power the prayer.

And yes, there can be lots of buts in these thank yous, but let's just keep our buts silent for now.


paul said...

silent buts, Amen!

Chris said...

Amen, and good insight!!!