10 August 2007

Please press one for more information

I call. The phone rings. An automatic voice answers and gives a greeting, "Thank you for calling. For our hours push one, for directions to our location push two, for a list of extensions press three -"

I push three. "Please push on your touch-tone phone the first three letters of the last name of the person you are trying reach. For q, push -"

I push in the appropriate numbers. The wrong name is mentioned, but the pretty automatic voice knows this somehow, "If this is the incorrect name press pound to hear the next name in the system -"

I press pound. It's still the wrong name, so I press pound again. Four pushes later, I get the right name, hear the generic personal greeting, but no beep. Instead, I hear, "We're sorry, this mail box is now full. Please try your call again later. Goodbye."

The number I called? It was a church.


sonja said...

Ewwwww ... that's just wrong. On so many levels.

Wrong ...

Wrong ...

Wrong ...

That's like the other morning in the hospital I couldn't get my pain meds because my nurse was too busy filling out her paperwork!!!

Have we forgotten what we're here for?

David said...

Hyper-reality can suck eh?