15 August 2007

Taking Pleasure Back for the Kingdom

I was at the CRM Leaders conference last night in Estes Park (Makeesha went the night before) and had a chance to meet a lot of swell people! More to come on that.
But Alan Hirsch spoke, and it was awesome to meet someone I so greatly respect in the Missional Movement.

One of the things he said (and I paraphrase) is that the Missional Movement should reclaim pleasure.

After all, don't you want to know the God who created the orgasm?


Pete Aldin said...

Sounds good to me!

(By the way: CRM? Do you know Dave Zovak or Bryan Wintersteen?)

Danimal said...

Thanks for making the revolution blog "Not safe for work" :)

alan hirsch said...

David, David, what are we to do with you? Use this phrase at the next wedding you take and see what happens!

It was great (not quite orgasmic, but really great) to meet you at last. thanks for the dream mule.

David said...

The feeling is mutual Alan.

Pete, I don't know them...yet. Although I'll keep my ears open. :-)

Dan...according to my job, nothing is safe.

paul said...

that would explain the...

"God, oh God, God, yes, God..."



JonathanBrink said...

Absolutely loved the idea. Nice post.