11 September 2007

Hunting Unfairly. Social Injustice, Animal Style

Hunting Vehicle In Texas

Maybe we should hand out rifles to the "big game". How stupid is this?

I'm not a vegetarian, although I could be. I'm not against hunting, although I never would myself unless I had to in order to survive (see vegetarian again).

But I do believe that hunting should be done with great respect for creation, the animal, and with nature as a whole.

Sitting in vehicle like this, drinking away, and taking pot shots across a field, only to slap each other on the back is a bit like getting in the rink to box a 10 year old, with your mates cheering you on.

Make it fair people. God created nature for us to enjoy, not slaughter. Death is a part of the fall - all of it. Don't just shoot while you're shooting the shit.


sonja said...

Amen ...

You know, in an earlier day and age, when human life had not been so over-valued and that of nature so under-valued, people like this usually shot each other out of sheer stupidity and foolishness. It was natural selection at work. Now we have rules and procedures to keep all of us humans safe, but nature is not so fortunate. I'm not so certain I would label that as progress.

paul said...

does it come with a tank option????

Slim said...

This vehicle is for sight seeing only the does not allpw any hunting on this vehicle. Plus it is so loud there is no way you could get even close enough to shoot an animal. If you notice it has a stipper pole and a poker table so therefor it is for entertainment.