28 September 2007

Jesus Loves You, Now Get The Hell Away From Me You &*^%$#* Heathen!

There is a story - and I'm close to it's source - about a non-Christian, yet spiritual organization that had a booth at a fair, next to a Christain organization.

*I know I'm being vague but I haven't asked permission to get into specifics.

Apparently, the "Christian" organization - the one that espouses the love of Jesus, moved their booth to another part of the fair because they didn't want to be next to the group that didn't believe the same about Jesus. I guess they wanted to stay away from 'spritual germs'.

But they just got infected with 'idiot germs' instead.

I'm glad Jesus was happy to come near to me and not pitch a tent far away because of who I was.

Sometimes, some Jesus lovers, really piss me off.
But it's okay, Jesus loves you.


paul said...

grin, maybe it was a loving move on their part, those pesky christians didn't want to steal too much business from those pagans :)

sonja said...

Ya know ... with that attitude, it was probably best that they moved away.