04 October 2007

My experience tells me that God is emerging (reflections on The Gathering)

For a while know I've considered myself a part to the emerging conversation. We vibe!
But I must admit that coming to the Emergent "The Gathering" here in New Mexico, I had some (very small and very few) reservations.
After all, until now my only connection with emerging has been with people in my local area, and online. In other words, a tad limited.

I had this horrific thought that those attempting to slay the emerging church as if they were the evil dragon of the land might have some validity in their passion against us.

I'm thankful to know that I was wrong.

I have encountered a people here that are passionate about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I have engaged with people who with great desperation want to see the Kingdom of God realized here on earth.

I have not found what people fear here.

I have found a people wanting to move forward in hope, in life, and and in love, all in the name of our Saviour.

I have found people who live their faith more holistically than most people I've known. Their whole lives, from what they eat, drink, eat, speak, wear, breathe, and how they engage with others, is a reflection (or an attempted heartfelt reflection) of Jesus.

Raw, flawed, and beautiful. Passionate, desperate, and humble. Gracious, giving, and hope-filled. These are the people of Emergent and I identify with them.

And now, it is time for me to move forward. To be above the line of lobbying and arguing. To be above the line of defending or attacking. But to move forward in the revelation that God is giving hope to a new generation through the Emerging church. Whether this phenomenon lasts 1000 years or 10, God is here now. God is with them.

I am a part of them.
And I'm not ashamed.


paul said...

very cool to see that in the flesh God was present in and through your who were gathered in his name :)

Kevin said...

Your experience resonates with mine David. I just posted for my Pauline Epistles class today about how the event really spoke about the unity that Paul was trying to encourage in his letter writing to congregations. Also, this Emergent Gathering really expressed to me how we live as Vanguards of the living Christ 24/7 in environmental and relational ways. It was good seeing you and your family there. Blessings and Shalom!