23 October 2007

Vampires or Leeches: Making the Day of the Dead Meaningful - Synchroblog

"The Lost Boys" 1987

I read a book sometime ago that intrigued me. It was just a manuscript and although I've encouraged the author to publish it I'm not sure if it will be. If you've seen the TV Show "Moonlight" it's basically the same premise: Vampires that desire to good. Although just like those of us fully human - there are vampires that desire to do bad.
However, if you'll allow me to run with this for a moment, we find that Vampires have a will. Vampires have the ability to lookout for the well-fare of others.

Leeches don't. Although leeches can be used for medicinal purposes, their existence is entirely self seeking. They don't have a choice.

So as Halloween approaches, which blood-sucker should we choose to be (if we give ourselves only two choices)?

In recent history, with the rise of the dangers with kids trick-or-treating and finding needles and poison in candy, the church overall responded well, offering alternatives and safety to families. I think this, in some small way, has allowed the kingdom to come a bit more into communities. This is a nice warm-blooded vampire approach. But is it enough? (And as some of my other synchrobloggers might argue that by doing that we miss the original intent of Halloween - so make sure you check them out).

At some point in my Christian following past, I made the decision to hide from Halloween. I'd hide inside, watch "G" movies, and pray the night would just go away. I was a leech. Self-seeking and self-preserving. Like many, I disengaged and became irrelevant. "I don't celebrate Halloween!" I'd say with snub-nosed pride.

And now, I have come to the conclusion that I'd rather be a vampire than a leech.... at least one like the book I read or like the TV Show. Rather than self-seeking, I want to be engaged in humanity. I want to talk with witches on the sidewalk and goblins in the ally. I want to dance with those who dance with the dead and undead alike. On a night when darkness is celebrated, should we who are bearers of the light not shine the brightest? (See previous post on Why the Emerging Church Loves Darkness)

Jesus exhorted us not to be a light under a bushel. I don't have plans for this Halloween, but I hope that my immortal vampire teeth shine brightly.

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Dan said...

can zombies be worked into your metaphor?

David said...

"Drinking games with Zombies"?

David said...

Works for me

Alan Knox said...

Vampires and leeches suck. :)

Great post! So, while we're trying hard not to be vampires, we turn into leeches... what a great thought!


nic paton said...

"I want to be engaged in humanity":
Incarnation is the watchword, and there are many who are waking up to how self righteousness and fear has prevented them from knowing G-d.

Steve said...

love the post Dave

the vampire image is one that has great depths for Christians and others, it is of course about 'us'. one of the reasons i've explored the vampire redemption theme in Buffy as an interesting twist on 'slay em' theology.

Sally said...

seems we were thinging along similar lines....

paul said...

good thoughts as ever bro :)

altho i wonder if the biggest leach of them all is the consumer undertones that accompany halloween...

David said...

Hey Paul
I read that on another synchroblog and thought it was a great point.
I can't remember which one it was though so if it's you...speakup! :-)

paul said...

might have been, it is a hobby horse of mine that i am busy riding off into the sunset on :)