30 November 2007

'till we pass this way again...

I've become so passionate about "What can be," I've somehow lost a bit of why I'm doing it and what it's all about anyway.
And as a revolutionary, I must take some time to wander with my leader, who also happens to be my father.

So for a season (a week or more...possibly till 2008) I'm going to be taking a break from blogging, reading books on theology, philosophy, and astronomy, reading novels, watching too much TV, and playing too many video games.
I'm going to spending more time reading scripture, maybe some prayers of our ancient church fathers, and most importantly praying, worshiping, and listening to my Creator.

Jesus is Lord of all; and it's time I spent some time making sure He's Lord of me.

Shalom on this season and live NAKED 'till we meet again.


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