18 January 2008

Old Friends - Where the hell are all these people coming from!

I wonder if there is something sociological about when, after a certain amount of time, people you haven’t been in contact with suddenly appear or try and connect with you.

In the past two weeks Makeesha and I have run into or received several messages from people that we haven’t talked to in months or even years.

They all came at once!

It’s good to hear from old friends though even if our lives have taken us different directions.

So for all you old friends out there, “Hello! I pray your path may be made clear, and God would lead you into great adventures; that He would hem you in, and protect you, while you dance along the way extending your arms to others as you go.”


Paul said...

maybe it's a new yr thang - get in touch with all those aquantainces long forgot and all that auld lang syne biz :)

David said...

Should they be forgot? heh

Hanan Merrill said...

I think the photograph is totally cool!

David said...

Yeah it is. I can't remember where I found it