23 February 2008

I'm a Bad Toothfairy

So my oldest daughter lost her tooth last night and was all excited to get a gift from the Tooth-fairy. She's a smart 5 year old and already knows that this magical fairy is dad.
Well, dad woke up the next morning early to get to work and my daughter, who still should have been sleeping cracked open her door and said, "Dad, where's the Tooth-fairy?"
She recognized the look on my face and of course there was a big "Oh no!" that escaped my mouth.
Fortunately she thought the whole thing quite funny, laughed, and said, "I kept looking all night!"
So to render matters I told her to put her head down on the pillow and I quickly took the tooth-pillow from under her head pillow and threw 86 cents inside without taking out the tooth. With her giggling all the while, I put the mini-pillow back under her head and said with a sigh and smile, "Okay, look now."
She was thrilled, and said she'd put the money in her piggy bank (which is really a hippo-bank).
All the while, my car pool ride was patiently waiting outside.

When she got to school she proceeded to tell everyone with much glee, whilst holding her tooth in a zip-lock, that Daddy the Tooth-fairy forgot to put money under her pillow.

So I figure now, either all the kids in her class now believe the Tooth-fairy isn't real or the Tooth-fairy is some guy living in Fort Collins prancing about the world giving children loose change and has a daughter in Kindergarten.


sonja said...

LOL ... yep. I think we managed to get it right for about 1 in 6 teeth for each of our kids. We were loser tooth fairies. Sometimes it took 3 or 4 nights before the tooth fairie managed to get here. Fortunately, our kids knew the real deal ... so it became a huge joke.

Heather said...

...well you can prance well :)

Congrats on the first tooth fairy-ness!


Paul said...

ah a hairy fairy! i hope you have a tutu too :)