04 February 2008

We Are Living 'Missionaly' In A Hotel...aparently

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and one of her friends Mom gave her a ride home today saving her, my wife, and my youngest daughter the walk (due to snow).

Her friend (also 5) came into our apartment and said, “Wooowww your kitchen is so small!” And if that wasn’t enough, he then said, “Why is your hotel so tiny.”

Ahhhh the honesty of five year olds.

*note to reader - the above picture is NOT our apartment but a motel in Tuscon AZ. And no, I have never been there. But if I was, apparently they wouldn't tell you. ;-)


Paul said...

well you really shouldn't leave the maid outfit on display ;)

David said...

LOL I'm not even sure what to say to that.