28 December 2006

I've Been Tagged

Thanks to Paul,
Here's 5 things you might not know about me...

1. I HATE talking on the phone, but I'm a consultant so I'm on the phone all day. Which means I REALLY hate talking on the phone when I'm not at work. I do like my job however.

2. I'm lazy by nature, unless I'm passionate about something. I'm either on fire or really cold. So during the cold moments God is working on me to be ready in and out of season.

3. I was born in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia Canada, and want to visit there and NYC when my kids are old enough to remember the trip (my Grandparents lived in New York).

4. My Mom is Lutheran and my Dad (who died when I was 5) was Jewish. I'm a Lutheran, Jewish, Canadian.

5. I moved to LA 1998 to pursue a career in "the industry" which is what everyone calls the entertainment business there. About 9 months into it, God placed on my heart to quit pursuing it and as much as I love the craft of acting (and it is a craft/art for me) I'm thrilled to sacrifice it for the things that God has put on my heart to do. So I guess I'm a Jewish Lutheran Canadian Actor. hehe.

I'm tagging,
*moderated (hehe), Michael, Daryl, John if I get around to emailing them. You know who you are. ;-)


John Smulo said...

Interesting stuff David! I didn't know you were an actor. We need more Christians in the arts. I also come from a Jewish background, but both of my parents were. My step-family is also Lutheran, so my (half) sister is also Jewish/Lutheran.

You should link to the names of the bloggers you want to tag and then ping your blog with Technorati and then they'll know that you tagged them.

David said...

Good idea, I'll have my wife do that. haha.
Wonder if we're related?

John Smulo said...

Like the new look! I'm trying to think of a smart aleck comment about you telling Mak to do the links, but nothing is coming to mind--yet :-)

Thanks for the tag!

We must be related :-)

Erica said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David said...

And yes John, she did do it. I swapped out the dishwasher, that was the deal... haha.

And E---, if someone links to you, then I deny everything and call you a spammer! ;-)

David said...

Now you have been safely removed forever...as long as you don't comment.

This blog is pretty safe. Maybe you should have taken the blue pill. haha.

Erica said...

You crack me up. You could have left it. To prove my point, I'll comment again! Ah ha ha ha! I was mostly teasing. I mean, none of "the others" know about this blog, right? RIGHT?

Erica said...

Besides, I'd LOVE to be called out on some kind of free speech thing. Bring it, bitches. I'll fight to the death over that one.

John Smulo said...

There's something interesting going on in this comment thread that I must be missing :-)

I responded to your tag here


3drevolution@gmail.com said...

Yeah, Erica, I think we need to invite you into our email group.

Makeesha said...

John - hehe..nah, it pretty much is as it appears, we have real life people who stalk us into the world of the internet...it's creepy actually. E's one of the "good guys"

Makeesha said...

oh and yes, I told David that I'd fix all his blog stuff and set him up at technorati if he emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it with the dirty dishes...it was a perfect exchange.

paul said...

i hate the phone too - so love email but much prefer meetings at work - makes life less lonely and i get nice biscuits, lol.