28 February 2007

A 1% raise!

I had my annual review yesterday and got a 1% raise!
It was a tough year for my department, so I was with the lot of us I'm guessing. Cept for I'm the only one who is supporting a family of 4 with one income and living on cash rather than credit. You can all cry for me now. hehe.
It didn't make me very happy, as I'm used to 4 or 5%. But I worked out, went home, watched TV and played video games till 2am.
Upon entering the bed, I had a thought...
What can I get with a 1% raise? Aside from the fact that the cost of living will probably go up 3% and I'll end up loosing money, let's pretend that the extra $24 a month I get will be used for fun and frivolity.
Here's some ideas that I found by searching Google for $24.00:

American National Standard for Butts and Hinges - whatever they are, they are $24!

A Blue Buddha Art Print

A share of Mills stock - just one.

I could provide the payroll for a Crown Forklift Mechanic in Allentown PA for one hour. Then I guess he'd have to go to Human Resources to get his real paycheck for any additional hours worked.

A Ralph Stanley Museum Sweatshirt Pictured above. What really tickles me is that I could buy one of these a month!

A Large Microfiber Towel Whew, glad it's a large.

Passing the Nevada High School Proficiency Exam in Mathematics - With my math skills, I'll need my money back. Yes, even for a Nevada Hish School.

I could also pay a cocktail waitress in Phoenix for one hour of work - wow they get a lot there.

And last but not least, a Margaritaville Parrot Novelty Cap - And my life is complete. Also shown above.

So pardon the gripping. I'm over it now. This helped in the healing process. :-)


Danimal said...

I would go for the Ralph Stanley Sweatshirt. Not only does he kick ass, but it will grow exponentially when he becomes president.

David said...

Ahh, investing for the future. But I think I have a better chance at penny stocks...or Vegas

Danimal said...

How about penny slots at blackhawk. Remind me to tell you the time, when i was in seminary, and I decided to drive to Blackhawk to buy a stamp. I lost $20 bucks, developed an enviromental processing disorder, and still didn't find a stamp.

And that's why i miss seminary.

Makeesha said...

ROFLOL - that's awesome David. I too could think of several worthy ways to spend that money....on me. ;)

Dan - I must hear that story.

David said...

Yes, more stories from Dan.
It's better than reality TV!
Well, everythings better than reality TV.
But I still love stories from Dan!

paul said...

too sounds like Mak has already spent your raise ;) lol

date night has just got seriously resourced :)