01 March 2007

Ode To A Friend I Never Knew

I was almost brought to tears last night as a friend of mine was sharing a story about how his best friend died just several hours previous due to his battle with ALS. I could see, even between the words, how this man impacted my friends life.
They sharpened and shaped each other throughout the years they spent together.

This friend of mine is who he is, in part, because of this man.

I respect this friend of mine dearly. I value his insight and wisdom, as he has journeyed a road that I am beginning.

So thank you my friends friend. I know you are in a better place now. But I also know that while you were on this earth, you shaped lives, and formed them. Thank you for leaving a legacy. One that you have passed on to our mutual friend. I hope to someday pass on what you left to him, as he is leaving it to me.

When we build friendship, I realized last night, that it's so much more than about us. It's about the trail we leave in uncharted territory for those who will follow. Even to the ones we don't know.

Let us thank the ones who have been a God-shaping influence in our lives. But let us also thank the ones who helped shape them. Their legacy lives on in us.

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Makeesha said...

That's really beautiful babe, and so true on all levels.