14 February 2007

Labeled and Alone

For a couple cool bands, check these out:
Violet Burning
Sigur Ros

And a quick story,
Michael - a musician, and I - an actor (try and get the picture here), were at the Student Center of Colorado State University on Friday. Our intention was to find the Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender (GLBT) office, and build some relationships there.

We couldn't find the office, so as we were wandering around, and I said to my friend, "I don't want to ask for directions because people might think the wrong thing. (yes, stupid fear kicked in, so I profusly apologize to anyone who is offended that I was embarrassed)"
Lo and behold as I said that, someone came up to us and asked, "Are you trying to find something?"

"Um," I replied (Oh *&^%, I was thinking), "Yeah, where is the GLBT office?"

It was a lesson in humility and understanding. It was insight into what 'minorities' can deal with everyday. Regardless of your stand theologically, we, as Jesus followers, need to start seeing people as people, not as issues.

We (an actor and musician with the same hair style) walked into the office, and I fumbled my way through a very sincere apology on how we, as Christians, have treated this community. Then we proceeded to have a wonderful conversation for about 20 minutes. I hope there is a continuation.

Funny, I felt safe in their office, even with us sitting there, the door wide-open so the entire student body could walk by and think we might be a couple. I felt safe, because I didn't feel alone.
Out in the hall, asking for directions, I felt very alone. I'm thankful for Michael, because honestly without him there, I would have totally chickened out.

Maybe we need to let those we see on the fringes, know that they are not alone. Because they are not. And that is a mission that I have that God has laid on my heart.

I want to find the ones that Christians have 'labeled' and apologize. I want to show them that Jesus would hang out with them, and laugh with them, and love them.


paul said...

awesome story, i'm sure you and michael made a very lovely couple - hope you co-ordinated your clothes as well as your hair???

I can understand being embarrassed there's a lot of stuff i have to fight against when it comes to minorities - not just church stuff either but predujices and fears picked up from school etc...

well done you for being brave and for doing that male thang of not wanting to ask for directions, lol!

Your story reminded me of a comment Rupert made here about actually being for people rather than against an aspect of them...

paul said...

and speaking of good bands you checked out the fratellis

Rupert Ward said...

Great story David. Thanks for sharing, and well done for actually doing something. Many of us just talk about it ... "wouldn't it be great if" ... but never get round to doing anything.

David said...

I've been convicted of that (talking and not doing). God has blessed me and surrounded me with people who want to do things so I get pushed from time to time and I truly appreciate it.