31 March 2007

1987ish Anno Domini

Without even thinking about it, I look back on this week and realize I've been listening to 80's music and reading Bloom County.

Am I turning to simpler times when the Soviets were the biggest fear in my life, and underage drinking and finding girls were the biggest risk?

I remember, "The Day After" kept me up at night, "Magnum P.I." had a sweet car and even had a decent show, everyone wanted to dress like Don Johnson, and Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, The Talking Heads, and U2's "Under a Blood Red Sky" were the tunes I listened to constantly.

I lived, ate, and breathed theater and everything that went with it. Learning lines was my biggest challenge (and doing just enough to NOT get kicked out of the house).

And though like anyone else, I can look back on any decade and remember the 'good 'ol days', in truth, I wouldn't trade where I am at for anything. Embarking on a new journey, a new horizon, and a new adventure.

Although it does make me wonder where all my old drinking and acting buddies are...

I'd like to invite them to a particular revolution that's happening around them...

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Makeesha said...

here's to "of age" drinking and the new revolution! :)