29 March 2007

Answering the prayer of Jesus

I had a Bible study this morning with a bunch of guys (we do it every Thursday) and it's pretty awesome. Once I started leading a ministry/movement/revolution, I really felt the need to connect with other Christians on a level that challenged me, but was outside my center of influence.

We're all from different backgrounds, but that ads to the spice. I've really been impressed with the guys and it even gets me out of bed early on Thursdays, and if you know me at all - that's a challenge!

This morning, via rabbit trails, we got on the subject of us being "One Body". There is much fodder for discussion here, which I'll attempt later (such as, what does it really mean to not allow a bro or sis to stumble?).

But this seemed to hit me this morning...

Holy (whatever word you want to use here) we ARE One Body!

I am part of the same body as the Catholic church, the Charismatic church, the Modern church, and even the Fundamentalist church.

So whatever you are, does that scare you a bit that you are 'one' with another believer that you might be diametrically oppossed to in every other way? Isn't it disconcerning that for much of us, the only thing we have in common is Jesus?

So for a moment, let's leave the "Yes, but...(s)" out of this. Let's attempt to grasp that we are One. That we are all flawed...and we are all beautiful. We are all His.

Luther and the Catholic Church were one. Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard are one. The Southern Baptists and the American Baptists are one.
Conservative Fundamentalists and Emergent Liberal Congregationalists are one.

Holy *&^%$#

That's awesome!

Of course that means however that as an arm, I can swing them to get the feet to move better, and I can grab the toes to stretch out my hamstrings, and I can bring the fingers to the nose to pick boogers, but I cannot chop off my leg, or my nose, for it is a part of the ONE. I can challenge it, shape it, pick at it, but cannot disgard it. I have to, in a sense, embrace the other parts. I have to remain distinct but be attached to the ONE.

For me, it gives me pause...
And it give me great hope, that inspite of our differences, we can indeed move forward as ONE. After all, isn't that Jesus final prayer?

He answers our prayers,

do you think that maybe we could answer His?


paul said...

heh my cross atlantic pancreas, how you doing?

your post made me think of this quote i read recently...

"We tend to turn off the people we most need to hear. The people to whom we are least attracted often have the most to teach us. If we identify those to whom we are least drawn, we can make a special effort to listen to them attentively….

Answers can shut down growth; good questions encourage growth. Answers sometimes terminate our listening; questions stimulate further listening."

David said...

Good stuff.
Human nature draws us to people like us, and that's certainly a good thing, but I think we need to break out of that once in a while and be intentional about being with people that are not at all like us.
After all, whether sought or found, are we all still made in the image of God?

pistol pete said...

I fully agree that all who are in God's family (regardless of church affiliation) are brothers and sisters in Christ. In my Presbyterian tradition, there is a confession that contains the phrase "invisible Church". I've often wondered who "out there" beyond the walls of institutional churches are also our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Makeesha said...

good thoughts David - it's true, we are really ONE even when we aren't acting like it. How much more awesome would we be if we actually DID act like it. Faith is the substance of things hoped for eh? Which of course does not mean uniformity but rather embracing the uniqueness AND the oneness.

David said...

btw Paul, I can't believer you said 'pancreas'.
I joke about the pancreas all the time. It's such a funny organ!