16 April 2007

Sell your possesions and give plasma before setting sail

Due to an unexpected financial crunch (thanks to working mostly on commission), we are contemplating selling our car and giving plasma.
On the bright side, there's a plasma center a half a block from our house so I won't have to drive there!

Welcome to sailing on uncharted waters. Unfortunately we haven't even left the dock!

Not the first time and God always pulls us through. Blogging is a good place to vent.

I had some deep thoughts to share this morning, but they all went out the bottom of the chair I was sitting on when I saw the numbers of my upcoming check. Yeah, it stinks. ;-)

I'm sure my fountain of amazing insight with spring forth soon once again.
Stay tuned...


paul said...

bro, that sucks. let me know how i can help?

David said...

Prayer is good.
We have to sacrifice some things (possibly our weekend getaway in May) but that can be rescheduled to later in the year if we need too.
We really don't HAVE to sell our car, and no one would want it anyway. ;-)
So it'll be corsett tight for a couple months, but we'll make it.

I'm not sure if it makes me feel better, but our whole department is in the same boat. I guess I feel better cause then I realize it's not my fault. hehe

I just want to make Smulo gets taken care of! :-)

John Smulo said...

Dang, I really feel bad especially after all of the help we've recently got :-( Will be praying for you awesome people!

David said...

Don't feel bad.
We'll make it. :-)
Please feel blessed for all that God is doing thru all of us!