10 May 2007

The other face of poverty

Something we don't think about.

But it's something we should think about.


Makeesha said...

so true.

the problem of the working poor is sky rocketing in America. If statistics hold true, the gap between the rich and poor will increase as more and more "middle class" drop to the ranks of the working poor.

The "american dream" of working to achieve is becoming a fallacy as the cost of higher education exceeds the grasp of even the most well off upper middle class individuals and as the jobs that our young are being trained for today become obsolete in a mere 5-10 years.

This is a reality that needs to be addressed by Christians as we "future think" for the Kingdom.

sonja said...

My guess is that neither of those families can afford health care, either for the adults or the children. So the reality is that they are one health crisis away from being homeless. We think that these people are doing fine and okay ... they're getting by. But they're not. They can't, the deck is almost completely stacked against them.

Have you read Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By In America by Barbara Ehrenreich? It's a real eye opener.

paul said...

oh sorry white poverty, i thought you meant bad art...

ok it's no joking matter, poverty like other forms of injustice have no care about race, colour or religion and in a western consumer culture it is often the poor that are kept poor in order to keep us rich - there is no incentive to help people who are down their because it will cost us - who of us is that generous?