08 May 2007

Revolution's new web address and what the??


I'm sure we already have disqualified ourselves from the Miss Christian USA contest, since the word 'naked'is used. :-)

Thanks Paul for the knowledge of knowing American Christianity is on the cutting edge! ;-)
All things to all people, spreading the gospel by all means necessary... I guess.


paul said...

no worries my man - you're ruled out for your nakedness and i can't go in drag :)

David said...

Great (or not so great) minds...

Anna said...

What if nudists show up to the church? :)


David said...

Everyone is welcome!
Of course, 'being all things too all people' might have some interesting applications there, so I guess we'll have to draw the line somewhere.
Maybe we'll have a collection of hospital gowns on hand...just in case.

John Smulo said...

Umm, isn't it illegal for a church to have a domain name that cool?