07 May 2007

The Revolution has Started!

I posted my poetic thoughts on it on our thinplaces blog. Make sure to check it out.
I think it captures the feel more than just a 'rundown'.
Although the 'rundown' is on our Revolution site and you can see what all the feelings are about!

We all left with a feeling of great excitement and peace of what lies a head. I hate to keep using the sailing analogy considering I'm in a Land-locked state and have been sailing twice in my life, but it seems to fit. Maybe it's cause I was born in Nova Scotia!

I just get this sense that yesterday we boarded the ship, and headed out to open sea.

We know that we are sharing the heartbeat of God in this so we look forward to what lies ahead. I get tingles just thinking about it.

I think the sense we all got, was that we are not meeting to have church, but that we live like the body of Christ the rest of the week and just meet to encounter each other, God, encourage friendships, provide accountability out of relationship, share, study, worship, and give testimonies of what God is doing 'out-there'. It's truly missional, and from my limited but growing understanding, more to the heart of God of what His body should be doing in this time, in this place, with the people he has brought together.

As you can tell, I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

I'll try and post my notes when I get to out laptop.


sonja said...

peregrinatio comes to mind ... the story of the celtic monks who climbed aboard their coracles and went out to sea to spread the gospel where ever the Holy Spirit blew them. They always took 13 ... to be representative of the 12 apostles plus Jesus.

Beautiful ... just beautiful.

Rupert Ward said...

glad it went well david.
Would love to read your notes if you get a chance to post...