21 June 2007

5 things I dig about Jesus and 8 things about me

Guess I'll bow to peer pressure and do this. :-) I'm not tagging anyone though, so take that!

Five Things I Dig About Jesus

1. He was a revolutionary of radical love and power.
2. He partied and laughed.
3. He's a great dancer.
4. He's the most creative God I know.
5. He loves baseball. (I think the Hebrew for "In the beginning..." really reads, "In the big inning..." And that horrible pun is brought to you by a dear friend of mine. :-)

Eight Things About Me

1. I go though periods of my life when I'm a video game nerd.
2. I love good food, good drink, good art (of all genres), and crazy people.
3. I really admire Eddie Izzard for not giving a (bleep) for what anyone else thinks.
4. My most precious adorable commodities in my life are three women (a wife and two daughters).
5. My best moments are when I'm worshipping God in song in the middle of creation somewhere.
6. I still want a Husky again.
7. I think Al Gore is right about Global Warming, even if some facts might be off a bit.
8. Sci Fi is the best creative genre ever.


paul said...

i dig your lists :)

Makeesha said...

me too. :) well said my love