20 June 2007

Superman and Wonder Woman, but really let's hear it for Wonder Woman!

If women didn't teach me in person, face to face,(a man) in the church:

One of the greatest influencers on my walk with God would not have been there. I would have missed:
Passion, devotion, sacrifice, love, and intimacy with my Father.

One of my early mentors would not have shaped me in my beginning stages of my life walk with God. I would have missed:
Direction, wisdom, laughter, insight, understanding, and creativity.

One of my favorite worship leaders would have been just a singer. I would have missed:
Poetry, depth, intuition, and dance with my savior.

My wife would simply be a sidekick to Revolution. I would miss:
Tremendous insight, understanding, thoughtfullness, balance, reason, revealing wisdom, and direction.

These wonderful women are just a couple examples of many, who have touched my life. I would be a lesser man without them. So go ahead women; teach and lead us. You are not regulated to children's ministry and women's ministry. We need you.

I for one, am a better human becoming, because you have taught me.


paul said...

thanks bro, i think without women being able to use the fullness of the gifts they have been blessed with, I think we all lose out on half the richness and depth of God's wonder/revelation being revealed.

I respect men and women who study and read the bible and disagree with our view that women can use their gifts freely - these are folk sincerely trying to follow Jesus too.

David said...

As we all are.

I too am okay with how other people try and follow Jesus the best the know. In the end, we all missed it somewhere.

I'm not okay with other people telling us we are heretical for doing it differently than they do. But still choose to love them.

paul said...

and that makes you a super man ;)

Makeesha said...

I knew I married you for something ;) Love ya babe. I'm glad you're a feminist.

and paul - I still disagree with you a little on this issue. It's a justice issue to me and while I agree that people can still love God and be doing the best they know - injustice is injustice and I'm not going to pussy foot around it just to make my brothers and sisters feel better about themselves.