18 June 2007

Faith versus Presumption

A story from hearsay based on a true account. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. :-)

A parable of a true story. It happens to all of us in some form or another. The question is, what is our response when it does happen?

"I'm pregnant." She said with a smile. Her husband took her in his arms and held tight.
"I knew it." He said kissing her gently on the nose.

Later on

The pastor spoke with a tinge of excitement in his voice. He loved new babies. "I'd like to announce that Fred and Wilma are going to have a baby!" The men smiled. The women shrieked with delight. "Let's gather around and pray for them." The pastor rose and moved to where they were sitting in the living room. It was during a leaders meeting so all the super-spritual heavy weights were there. Some laid hands while others stood behind and quietly prayed in tongues. The worship leader softly played his guitar. Then the prayers began. Then the prophecies.

"You're going to have a girl!" One prayer warrior announced.
"I knew it!" Said the mother.
"We have a boy, and God wants to give us a girl." Said the father smiling.

Still later

"It's a girl!" The ultra-sound tech said. "Well as far as I can tell. We can't be for sure."

"Oh, we know it's a girl," the father responded. We've have several prophecies over the past few months saying so. Everyone just knows it's a girl. God told us."

Later still

At the baby shower everyone celebrated the new soon to be baby girl named Pebbles.
Pink, Yellow, and frills filled the room.

Delivery Time!

"Congratulations, you have a new baby boy!" The doctor said.

"Um, a boy?" The father said.
"What?!" The mother said.

They were filled with joy, but also filled with doubt. 'Didn't God promise a girl?' they thought.

A life addition at the cost of a faith subtraction.

"Maybe God was giving us words for your next baby." A prophesier explained. That made sense to her. Either that, or God lied, which He doesn't do. Or, everyone presumed, but that then begs the questions:

"What about all the other words we are standing on?"
"Can we really hear God?"
"What's wrong with my faith?"
"Is there sin in my life that made me miss it?"
"Did I not pray for a girl hard enough?"

No, it's much easier to make another presumption that God must have been talking about some distant future, and not some immediate situation.
For a culture that relies so heavily on hearing and speaking God's words, to conclude that we all can miss the mark, sends a supposed solid faith spinning out of control. And that can't happen. When faith in God's words determine a victorious or defeated life, then possibly not hearing - or any presuming - cannot be an explanation because the cost is too great.

When word of faith doesn't work, the only real alternative is to stretch the words to fit the faith; even if the words no longer have meaning.

If one can fit what we think are God's words to any possible scenario, then what's the point in word of faith to begin with?


paul said...

lol... yabadabdo ;)

of course God could have been right and we just didn't hear him that good this time.

if there is one thing i've learnt is to caveat any 'words' i might feel like sharing...

being suitable humble that i'm not God ;)

Makeesha said...

I'm more concerned with what we teach people regarding "hearing from God".

I'm not as concerned about the mom and dad receiving words from others, I'm concerned that when those "others" find out they missed it - has their teaching/discipleship taught them well what it means.

paul said...

great point Mak, what would you teach that it means?

David said...

This could get long, so maybe I'll make another post on it, but in short, we all 'see through a mirror dimly'. It's no surprise that we miss it, or fill in the holes with our own words, or explain what we think it means so much we dilute the real meaning.

So the idea is to hold everything with an open hand.

I guess one of my biggest concerns is that, why are we concerning ourselves with the sex of a child? Are there other things that we should be seeking God for?
Why are we spending time on an issue that really is sort of selfish, rather than looking at ways to touch God and touch others.

Danimal said...

And I thought saying that I was pro-gay, and it was biological was going to cause a shit-storm. You rock. confront heresy. the church martyrs more people that the devil does.