28 August 2007

Viva La State of the Revolution

A friend, who happens to be a missionary to Uganda emailed today and asked how the Revolution was going. My answer it seems, reflects the gift of faith, so I thought I'd share the edited version with ya'all. Sometimes I get so involved in the day to day, I forget the big picture.

Revolution is well. We’re just getting our feet under us again and figuring how to reach the community now that we are ‘on our own’. We’re not really on our own, as within a matter of days when the paper work gets done, we’ll be associated with CRM (Church Resource Ministries) - www.crmleaders.org and I’ll be a part of Missio and be taking their online missions training course - www.missio.us

The wind seems to be sailing us toward ministry in a more full time capacity. We're not in a hurry with that at all, but just trusting God for the timing. So our initial plans are the MCAP training program (With Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost, and Hugh Halter), passports, a conference in New Mexico this October, and the plans for a missions/scouting trip to London with the hope of planting Revolution UK in the next couple years. By sheer coincidence (haha) CRM also wants to put an international office there so they’re quite excited about us wanting to go there too – with future possible inroads to Europe, Russia, and Africa.

So it seems, God has put on our hearts to take the Revolution international. For now, please keep praying for each step we take, that the wind would blow our sails - many times in spite of ourselves!


We’re all ready to change the world! First we’ll start in Northern Colorado, as long term International stuff is still a couple years away (we think, but God does seem to surprise us now and then).

Please continue to pray as I feel the next few weeks determine the big picture of the next few years. I trust God is leading us exactly where he wants us. I have too trust because sailing on the open sea, all I see most of the time is...well... open sea.
So I have trust the Wind.

Yep, crazy (And loving it).

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paul said...

crazy but cool - UK needs naked folk ;)