31 August 2007

What The ****! Tony Snow You Dissapoint Me

I've always kind of liked Tony Snow, even if we differ a bit politically. But this just ticked me off.

I appreciate the fact that he is dealing with cancer, and I pray for health. But the reason he's quitting as White House Press Secretary is because of financial reasons!!!

I wish to hell I made $168,000 a year.

The poor guy. He's got kids. How the heck can he pay his bills on a mere six figures? So much for that European vacation, or flying first class. My God, they're among the poor people now! And the poor boy had to get a loan to take the White House Job. A fricken loan! Because $168,000 a year isn't enough!!!

My respect for poor Tony has wained a bit I believe.
Where have all our hero's gone?

Makes me want to cuss...


sonja said...

Sooo .... what's stopping you?

Anonymous said...

You also haven't lived in Northern Virginia. You need 6 figures to just meet minimum middle class standards...let alone a mortgage and a high-visibility job at the White House.

David said...

I don't live there, so experiencally I can't deny the comment.
However according to the "Appropriations Committee" to "The House of Delegates" in Virginia in 2003 the average income for Northern Virginia was just over 50k per year. That's middle class!

The average income. according to a newspaper near where I live is $59k per year.

I would argue strongly that 6 figures is NOT minimum middle class standards for Northern Virginia.

On a related note, the consumer debt of Americans is greater than our national debt. If those working in the government cannot be financially wise, then they are perpetuating the problem and not solving it.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading thru your blog and got a question for you-
I notice you throw around swear words like it makes you really cool and relevant but how do you justify it? Isn't scripture pretty clear about letting nothing unwholesome come out of your mouth etc? It undermines you. Yeah, you could say 'what about other things you do?' but I just want to hear your reasons for this. I don't get it - when I became a christian the Holy Spirit started showing me how much this grieves God to be course like that and with his help he took it away completely. You seem like an intelligent enough guy, so can't you find other words for your expression instead of going back to what the world uses, when it doesn't give glory to God?

Also, you seem to spend alot of blogs cutting other people down. What's the point? You come across brash and egotistical. I'm not saying you are but that's how it comes across. Why don't you instead spend more time focusing on whatever is good, true, pure, lovely, etc? Yeah, I'm mentioning this criticism on your comments this once but you spend entire blogs on this sort of thing. Man, give it a break. Who do you think you are? Sorry.


David said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate your comments.
I have thought that sometimes I blog a bit to critically and it seems to present only the side of my personality that rebels against a current system that becomes more and more ineffectual as we enter into a society that is more and more post-Christian. I guess it bothers me sometimes that people don't see it; whilst at the same time I understand there is still a need for it in some sense.

My hope- and maybe I don't do this well enough - is to get people to think...maybe be offended - but at least be challenged by something different. But I'm a nice guy that smiles a lot too. ;-)

As for cussing. I don't really give a damn. (joke intended). Language is words that we apply meaning to. They are symbols used for language in order for us to communicate in abstract forms.
Actually I didn't think I cussed that much...but as language also holds true, the meaning of the words lie with with receiver so according to me, I cuss very little and according to you, I cuss quite a lot. Oh darn it all to heck!

Let me just say that I don't buy into behavior modification. I'll allow the Spirit to work on what's needed. My argument is that no one outside the church cares (or gives a ****)if I swear once in a while. They don't care what movies I watch or what music I listen to. (and yes I have my own convictions and I do my best to follow them as I follow God and allow him to direct me in those areas that are not clear in scripture). But people do care if I love, am empathetic, will listen, or give, or spend time....

And I disagree with you saying that scripture is clear on cussing. What Paul (and the OT) talks about is taking the Lords name in vain, or swearing as in keeping an oath that you don't know if you can keep.

Thanks for our insight. I value people who think differently.

David said...

Oh and fair warning -
My next blog is a critique on on those criticizing post-modernity. But I'll do it with a smile. ;-)

Actually, I think you might have inspired me (Mark) to write something about what I'm for.
There are times to take a stand against something - history is full of people who have done that. But you are right to also stand for, which I do and I'll explain more in future posts.