10 October 2007

Revolution Question #2: Just give me my pop songs and let me sit down.

Music drives my soul. I connect with it. It brings about passion and poetry for me.

It's the way I connect with God. It's a thin place.
Music and nature are my experiences where heaven touches earth in my life.

But if worship is giving our whole world and our whole being back to God then worship music isn't enough. Four "Hill Songs" are not the be all for worship.

So aside from music, what are other ways a community can connect with and worship God?

I'm being challenged in this area as our former worship leader - the amazing wonderful man he is - has ran off to get married to an amazing wonderful girl.

So, as a community, and as an individual, what are other creative ways we can have a worship experience?

Really... I need your help. :-)


Danimal said...

Hugs? Yeah, that's all i got. sorry, I'm an academic.

sonja said...

Paint bathrooms together, clean floors together ... work can be worship too, when it's offered to God.

Hmmm ... what else. Paint pictures. with finger paints. Or paint brushes. Write poetry ... even if it's bad. When you read it out loud to each other with some good background music, somehow it's worship. Write sentence prayers and read them outloud.

I'll write to you guys off line about this ... at my CLB we went for a whole year without music because we had a musician or two but no singers. We had to get creative about worship.

Kay said...

How about outside activities like cleaning up the church grounds - picking up litter, mowing, racking leaves - stuff like that.

What better way to worship than to touch the creation and to take care of it? :)

Kay said...

Oy, I misspelled raking.

David said...

But 'racking' leaves does sound fun!

Keep 'em coming. Thanks for the insight so far! Good stuff!

Matt said...

Well, Ironically, I learned of your post when Mike Crogan sent an email to our church list. Both the original and quick response emails were sandwiched between three emails regarding another project our church is doing --- hosting Karaoke for homeless people. No joke, ask Mike, he's co-bouncing with me!

paul said...

how about celibate worship leaders??? ;)

in our small grp we all pitch in and take turns - so we have song sometime, silence, images, art, spoken liturgy, even jenga blocks...

Pete Aldin said...

Build on the Stations of the Cross idea. Pick a theme and have "stations" or booths at various points around the neighbourhood or building. People move around as they want to and have something to do at each station which has them glorify, connect with or serve God in some way. It's specific enough that they know what to do and open enough so that they can make it their own. You can weave into this some of the ideas of other commentors on this post.