12 October 2007

Revolution Question #3: Destroy the Heirarchy and let their be Anarchy (sort of)

It's in our nature to control, to centralize, and to organize. At least it's in the nature of those who tend to lead.
But a revolution - although needing leaders - must be a revolution of the people; of everyone.
How do leaders keep pushing outward and stay organic when our flesh wants to confine and control.
A subversive revolution must be radical, organic, non-hierarchal, messy, and dangerous. The movement must be bigger than the people.
How do we continue to do this effectively? If all the 'leaders' disappear, how does God ensure the movement continues? Because I guarantee you this: If the revolution organizes and centralizes, the revolution stops.


sonja said...

Follow the Holy Spirit ... and don't worry so much about organization. It will take care of itself.

Duncan McFadzean said...

I think this is one of the biggest questions that remains unanswered - we're wrestling a lot with it in Scotland. I think it has to stay small, in terms of people coming together, and I think the leaders have to flat out refuse to centralise, and instead just keep empowering and freeing people.

Jonathan Brink said...

Paulo Friere talked about this in Pedagogy of the Oppressed. One of the hardest reads but most brilliant works on revolutions. His work detailed how true revolutions only worked when those from the outside helped the oppressed find their own dignity. This led to the restoration of both the oppressed through resistance and the oppressor through forgivehness.

David said...

Hey guys, good stuff.
Jonathan, I like your post:

David said...

Ghandi seemed to grasp this quite well (and he tried to emulate Jesus).