16 October 2007

Revolution Question #4: I want my Big Mac, my mocha, my i-Phone, my soft porn, and my church to make me happy

Alan Hirsch
has talked about in his book "The Forgotten Ways".
Michael Frost preaches against it. And if Michael had a blog I'd link it! :-)
Jason Clark is studying it.

We are all trying to figure out how to live in it but not of it.


We do what makes us happy in an economic system that thrives on convincing us that 'stuff' makes us happy.

And we are all victims of it. Every single one of us. Even pastors and church leaders. We cannot escape it.
But we can live differently. But how?

How are you all living in a world driven by consumerism, while not being driven by it yourself? How do you relate to a culture where what you have is more important than who you are? How do you live backwards from that, and be relevant? What is the key to tearing down the god of consumerism and not living in a cave?


Pete Aldin said...

If you'd asked me 5 years ago, I'd have said "Not a problem."

Today, honestly, I'm more attracted to Stuff than I am to Jesus.

Phew! Way to nail me, bro!

paul said...

well we can wait 5 yrs for Jason's thesis to be finished for the definitive answer :)

In the meantime i wonder how far church is the answer - in terms of doing things that are deliberately contrary to our consumeristic tendancies, that inconvenience us, that make us think about our time, money, that get us crotchety and grumpy about having to give and serve others. A place where we are challenged and encouraged, inspired and have one space to detox...