08 January 2008

Oozing Messiah

I need to ooze Jesus more.
I can be the same me – good looking, sparkling magnetic personality, brilliant in countless ways and wise beyond measure (LOL) – but if I don’t ooze Jesus I’m missing it.
Time to start spending time with the oozer more.
To be oozed and be an oozer to others.


sonja said...

I think if you just started oozing chocolate that would be a start.

David said...

I think Jesus would approve

Hanan Merrill said...

Man, that picture makes me hungry-where can I get some!

Paul said...

I think we should start makin little circles over our foreheads and saying "oo-ser" ;)

David said...


Kinda reminds me of Cheesecake Factory.

Kay @ Aletheia said...


Thought you might like to know that www.oozingjesus.com and www.oozingmessiah.com are available domain names. The header could be a picture of you doing what Paul said with the little "O." ;-)

David said...

If I ever get more time to blog I might start a new one!

Nice site by the way...I read your story. Wow. :-)

Kay @ Aletheia said...

Thanks David. I worked hard on the style (and am always tweaking it).

I don't know if you'll remember or not (as I only commented now and then), but I used to blog at another site called "Chaotic Spirit." I think the first comment I left on your blog was HERE.