11 January 2008

Shhhhhh "many 'moderns' want to see change too"

I was listening to some friends today that are not of the say, post-modern mentality.
And though some of the things they said I disagreed with, I chose to stay quiet and as I did something occurred to me: These people want to see change in the world too. They want to see the church become more than what she is right now. They want to see people live better lives, they want to help the poor and feed the hungry and pray with the sick.

So...we sail a ship and they drive a bus... but in the end, we still see the same thing wrong and see that something must change.

Now granted these are more progressive modern thinkers who although may not be able to wrap their minds around the whole 'post' thing, it was still encouraging and enlightening to me that we ... in fact ... want the same thing. And it's important for us to realize that they have their place and so do we.

We can philosophically debate till the cows come home (I'd really like to know where that phrase came from) but sometimes it's better to stay quiet and find commonality...after all aren't we telling everyone to do that anyway?

By the way the pic is of Owen and Mzee an unlikely pair...


Hanan Merrill said...

I sure do need to be reminded of this. This is the kind of wisdom that resonates with Godly maturity.

Thank you!

Paul said...

good point bro, quietly made :)

David said...

I'm a slooow learner.